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Whether you need a booklet designed and printed for your bus ministry or a sermon series that you want converted to a book, we are here to help you with all your publishing needs.

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We will handle the entire process.


We will guide you through the layout, editing, and proofreading process.

You Take Care of the Writing; We Take Care of the Rest.

Berean Publications is a publishing company passionate about preserving our Baptist heritage in print.


Let our team take your sermon or recorded audio and transcribe into a usable text.


Our editors review your manuscript to catch any extra grammar errors or misspellings.


This is the first step in preparing for publication, as it will clear up any significant issues your story might have.

Book Layout and Design

Let our team design a one-of-a-kind cover for you. We will ensure your book gives a great first impression.

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New Release

Greatly Commissioned

A new book by Greg Neal

All across our country and throughout its cities, born-again Christians sit at home on Sundays while our nation declines. They are unaware that obedience, commitment, and compassion are connected. We obey; we see; we serve. Something inside us should compel us to be moved with compassion for those around us.

The authority of the Great Commission does not come from a denomination; it comes from Jesus Christ Himself.

This book will walk you through how to return to what Christ said about the Great Commission and how to become a part of it in your everyday life.

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