Our Vision

Welcome to Berean Book Publishing


Berean Publications is committed to equipping the pastor or layman in the church with a way to preserve our Christian heritage in print.


Whether authors follow the traditional or self-publishing path, we offer the guidance and assistance needed to help them finish their book and release it into the world.

At Berean Book Publishing, we specialize in bringing the rich insights of pastors and laymen to the printed page with the highest quality and excellence. Our dedicated team works closely with authors to navigate the complexities of publishing, ensuring their messages are clearly articulated and reach their congregation and beyond. 

We offer editorial expertise, cover design, marketing, and distribution services tailored to the unique needs of their book. Whether it is a collection of sermons, a study guide, or a daily devotional, we handle each manuscript with the reverence it deserves, empowering authors to share their wisdom and leaving a lasting impact on readers seeking help on their books topic.

You Take Care of the Writing; We Take Care of the Rest.

Berean Publications is a publishing company passionate about preserving our Baptist heritage in print.


Let our team take your sermon or recorded audio and transcribe into a usable text.


Our editors review your manuscript to catch any extra grammar errors or misspellings.


This is the first step in preparing for publication, as it will clear up any significant issues your story might have.

Book Layout and Design

Let our team design a one-of-a-kind cover for you. We will ensure your book gives a great first impression.