Traditional Publishing

About Traditional Publishing

Berean Publications publishes non-fiction books by Baptist authors. Please follow the submission guidelines below to be considered for publication under our traditional imprint.

Berean Book Publishing Is Currently Accepting The Following Book Genres:

  • Devotion books
  • Sermon books
  • Study guides
  • Ministry helps

We do allow you to switch your publishing path if you choose. Remember that during the switch you will be subject to any contractual agreements already signed. These situations will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

If you publish traditionally, our team will create a marketing strategy to help market your book upon release. At this time, we do not offer additional marketing or publicity services for self-publishing.

You are not required to purchase your books. You can tell your audience where to buy your book in different formats.

If you need physical copies for an upcoming event or for your own use, you can purchase author copies from us at a discounted price. Email us directly for details about requesting author copies.

Submitting a Manuscript

Please review the requirements below before submitting a manuscript.

Steps To Submit Your Book

  • Include a cover letter with:
    • Your name, address, phone number, and email address
    • A one-sentence hook
    • One paragraph summarizing the book
    • Your qualifications for writing the book
    • The book’s title and current word count
  • Include a book proposal with:
    • Book Title and Author Name
    • Back Cover Copy/Blurb: 1-3 paragraphs you might find on the back of the book to hook your reader
    • Detailed Bio
    • Marketing Ideas
    • Full Manuscript Synopsis: A 1-3 page summary of your entire book.
    • Series Information: If your book is part of a series, include a separate section with one paragraph summarizing each book in the series
  • Include your manuscript:
    • Please send the first three chapters of your manuscript along with your proposal.
    • Please do not include the entire manuscript unless we contact you to do so.

Ready To Submit?

Please review the document requirements below before submitting a manuscript.

  • All book proposals and manuscripts should be sent as Word documents.
  • The cover letter and book proposal should be in Times New Roman, 12-point font, single-spaced.
  • The manuscript samples should be double-spaced in Times New Roman, 12-point font.
  • All book proposal documents should be emailed to
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